Haitian Staff

Youseline Sterling

Kindergarten Principal

Yousline is responsive for overseeing the kindergarten students curriculum/programming


Pastor Claudnert Estilien
Starfish Pastor/ Bible teacher

Pastor Claudnert is the leader for the Eglise Evangelic Etoile Des Gonaives. He is currently obtaining his theology degree. He also teaches Bible education at the Starfish School.

Gorbatchevy Alexandre
Computer Literacy/ Kids Programs

Gorbatchey is in charge of teaching computer literacy as well as leading some of our kids activities at Starfish. 

Wilkenson Anexil

Project Coordinator

Wilkenson is in charge of helping implementing the projects at the school/community. He also assist with visiting teams. 










Erik Limen

School Principal 

Limen is responsible for overseeing the school curriculum and programing 



Wesberthe Sanrelus

In-country mission team coordinator

Wesberthe is responsible for coordinating housing, food and  assist with day-to-day activities for visiting team from arrival to return.