Mission Starfish Haiti functions largely on donations. Please consider helping us do our part to give those struggling in Haiti a better chance at life.

Your donation will go towards supporting one or more of these projects:

Women’s Economic Empowerment

In 2012, MSH started the Starfish Sewing Program in order to empower the women of Haiti. Our goal is to break the cycle of oppression on the women of Haiti by providing them skills for sustainability. Each year we select 10 new young women to participate in the sewing program. It is our goal to provide each of these young women a sewing machine upon graduation to help them generate income for themselves and their families.

In order for this program to succeed we need partners who are champions of economic development and the empowerment of young women. The monthly cost of the program is $225 which includes the teacher’s salary and supplies for the young women. At completion of each program the young women are given a sewing machine which costs $237 each.

School and Chapel Maintenence

Keeing up on building's condition, making repairs and upgrades, and keeping facilities safe for children and staff.

Extracurricular Activities

In order to foster the creativity of the students at Mission Starfish Haiti musical instruments, art supplies and sports equipment/clothing are appreciated as donation. This could be donated in means of tangible items and/or specified monetary donation.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

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