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• Education is currently out of reach for most children in Haiti. Parents and caregivers of children are expected to purchase uniforms, books, supplies and exam fees when their children attend school. Considering the 70% of Haitians who are unemployed and the 80% who are living in poverty, paying for education is simply not possible for families. An even larger barrier is in place for those children who are orphaned, living on the street and do not have parental figures in their lives. Many families pay for the schooling one week but cannot pay for the next which puts children behind and ultimately results in them not completing school. Only 10% of school-aged children go onto high school and, on average, girls in Haiti attend just two years of school in their lifetime. Due to all of these factors, Haiti has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world at 53%.

Mission Starfish Haiti is working to provide high quality, free education to the children of Gonaives, Haiti. In the past three years, 95% of the children who attend Mission Starfish Haiti attend regularly and complete their grade level. MSH not only includes classroom learning but also extracurricular activities. These activities include a girls empowerment program, music, sewing, English, and sports.

Since 2011, with support from individuals like you, MSH has been able to impact young Haitians in the following ways:

• Provide schooling for 230 students ranging from Kindergarten-4th grade

• Provide after school programs for over 100 students

• Start a soccer club for 50 young men



  Comments: 1